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Do's and don'ts of moving into a high rise apartment

Moving into any new home is a tiring experience. Add a high rise building into the mix, it complicates things further. Though the views may be interesting and the heightened sense brings in a renewed sense of fresh air, navigating all these floors with all your luggage is not a pleasant thought.

Flats bring with them a lot of added amenities and round-the-clock security. But shifting into these buildings is a lot more challenging than relocating to individual homes. TCI relocations packers and movers in Chennai will give you a glimpse of how a few simple tips can improve your moving day and make it easier for you to shift all your valuables without any interruptions.

  1. Planning ahead: 
  • It is very important to plan all details of your move ahead of the big day. Last minute decisions will lead to confusion and unnecessary scrambling which may in turn cause missing or breaking your items in a bid to fasten your shifting.
  • Make a detailed inventory and double check all the items that you wish to move to your new place. A smooth moving process goes a long way in setting up your relationship with your new neighbors.
  • Speak to the building guard and management staff in advance and make a note of all the rules and regulations that governs its residents as it will save you a lot of time and effort doing and redoing everything.
  • Check whether you can use your apartment’s elevators for moving your luggage into your floor or whether you have to haul them all the way to the top using staircases. This will decide the number of personnel required to complete your move.
  • Disregarding your building policies may cause a negative impression on you in the very beginning itself and may cause discrimination against you in the future.
  • TCI relocations in such cases suggests to get in touch with the building committee and let them know when on the particular date you want to shift. Urge them to inform you about any instructions that need to be followed by new tenants under such circumstances.

2. Declutter and give away unwanted items

  • If you are downsizing from a sprawling bungalow to a high rise apartment, there are likely chances that your square foot area will reduce considerably.
  • It means that you cannot bring everything from your old place of residence to your new home. You have to decide and sort out what you want to take with you and what should be left behind.
  • You will only make it a tight fit in your new flat if you pack all the goods and tag them along. A spacious place is a happy place. Decluttering is vital in such situations and the remedy for simplifying your lifestyle in a less roomy place of living.
  • TCI relocations advises you to throw away or donate these extra items to your friends or those who are in need of them. It will help them in addition to making your home a little less messy.
  • You can also utilize our warehouse facilities for stowing away items that are not needed for your immediate use.
  • Another feasible option can be to use wall-mounted and foldable shelves which can be kept away when not in use.

3. Safeguard your valuables

  • The presence of narrow hallways and a large number of staircases in multistorey apartments can present a daunting test of your moving ability.
  • If you do not pack your household furnishings properly, they are most likely to get damaged negotiating these twists and turns.
  • Use high-quality packing materials or employ the services of packers and movers like TCI relocations for the most smooth shifting process.
  • Labeling all your items will also go a long way in identifying which room they belong to and shifting them accordingly.

4. Check whether your elevators are in working condition

  • Apartment complexes have fixed hours when they allow furniture and appliances to be shifted in them to avoid inconvenience to the residents.
  • Coordinating your move with these timings in mind will not cause any unforeseen delays and make your relocation a trouble-free one.

As exciting it is to move into a multistorey building, it can be intimidating to complete your shifting into your new home. But you can still make a success out of it by moving in tandem with your new management and following all the rules laid down by them.


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